OAA Albania: Reflection on the current emergency situation and future consequences

Apr 3, 2020

To capture such extraordinary global circumstances Organic Agriculture Association (OAA) from Albania is producing a professional video for the regional audience and broader to properly reflect on current emergency, due to Covid -19 virus pandemic situation.

Tirana on a summer day in 2019 (up) and on March 14th 2020 (down)

Since the beginning of March 2020 every country in the region has been experiencing restrictions and general changes in all aspect of life caused by pandemics. The shift is considerable. Media concentration is very high and dens on this topic with many connections to the environment, biodiversity, energy consumption, etc. The predictions for the future vary, but share the fact great change will occur because of the social, political and economic impact.

To find a way to minimize the negative impacts of the pandemic situation and show the need to change the way of living based on respect for nature Organic Agriculture Association is producing a video intended for the regional public.

Video will show actual pandemic Covid-19 situation in the region which has growing number of infected people and situation in other countries (preferably) at the downturn of the curve. Based on those experiences and advices, best practices will be demonstrated to overpass the pandemic situation. Video will show challenges for the future and how will everyday life change. What kind of effect will this state have on topics most of SeeNet members work on, such as climate change, air pollution, spatial distribution, rural development, wildlife protection, etc.?

The goal of the video is that people/communities/organizations in the region become more conscious and motivated to advocate for significant changes in the way of living to better face the future unwanted events and orient the policymaking on real sustainable policies and practices.

SeeNet through first “Support to SeeNet network” subgrant in 2020 will support the production and realisation of this video, help will visibility and its impact for the regional network. Besides, we ask SEENET members to support OAA in the promotion and visibility of this video when it publishes, but above all, to share useful advices and ways to positively use this situation.

Stay safe!