Alternative bicycle parking for Cultural center in Belgrade

Apr 7, 2022

Ulice za bicikliste is a cycling NGO from Belgrade (Serbia) which has been promoting cycling as a means of transport for almost a decade. Their office is in the cultural and activist center Magacin in Belgrade. It is located in the city center where parking is very difficult to find and the demand for parking is high. 

This is why Ulice za bicikliste with Magacin has created a model of sustainable transport that could be applied to institutions and serve as an example of the promotion and implementation of sustainable urban mobility in Belgrade. 

Through the project Bicycle corner, they organize workshops that teach cyclists how to repair their own bicycles, but also bicycles donated by citizens. Recycled bicycles are then used for the needs of KC Magacin users (dance troops, students, different kinds of civil associations, etc.) as an alternative to a private car. 

Already, there are 15 bikes for common use and there is a necessity to park them, because they take too much space.

For this reason, Ulice za bicikliste team with the help of SEENET subgrant made hanging bicycle parking in order to save space in the basement, which is used by almost 20 cultural NGO-s, modern dance troupes, collectives etc.  

 Before and after

Zoran Bukvić from the association emphasizes: “The Magacin Cultural Center is a great example of how people in the center of Belgrade can organize themselves to come to work by bicycle, and to use the parking lot rationally, only for situations when it is necessary.                                                                                                                                                      If companies and institutions were organized in this way, the number of car trips at the level of Belgrade would drop drastically. Hanging parking lots have additional value, because they take up much less space compared to classic bicycle parking.”