Landscaping public space by river Janja in Ugljevik, B&H

Nov 25, 2021

Local citizen’s association Korijeni implemented the project “Arrangement of space for children and youth along the river Janja in Ugljevik”. In the period of October and November in 2021 with the support of the SEENET subgrant they realized:

  • Planting linden trees along the Janja riverbed­;
  • Arranging and mowing the green area;
  • Procurement of a communal trimmer for maintenance;
  • Installation of a solar power system on the built object in the park.
Functional public space for locals

The goal was to create space in nature for young people with all the necessary conditions for socializing, education, exercise, etc. Activities were also aimed at raising awareness among young people about the importance of preserving biodiversity and clean green areas with sufficient number of trees that produce oxygen and contribute to air quality. Such work is very important because municipality Ugljevik is location of one the largest thermopower plant plant in B&H and mining was done on this area since 19th century.

By arranging the space itself and bringing it to its purpose to represent a sports-educational-recreational space, the basic conditions were created for young people and parents with children to start visiting this space and spend time along the river Janja.

How it all went

In order for the area to be functional throughout the year, it was necessary to procure communal equipment for its maintenance, for mowing and maintaining the green area along the the river Janja. In the past activities wooden canopy was build and filled with furniture and a refrigerator. Now association “Korijeni” wanted to additionally equip it with a solar power supply system and decided to get a solar panel and install led lighting. After the installation of the solar power system followed the activity of raising the tree line along the bank of the river Janja, and for those they procured and planted 20 linden seedlings.

Korijeni Ugljevik

The best segment of the whole action is that around 30 young people from municipality of Ugljevik, took part in the realization of all these activities.

Mentioned activities were supported through the SEENET subgrating scheme that is available for all the SEENET members and their partner organizations, but most suitable for small and local organizations like “Korijeni” from Ugljevik.