Environmental culture and activism of young people in educational institutions in Kosovo

Dec 24, 2020

“Together for a green environment” is the slogan under which Green Art Center (GAC), SEENET member from Pristina, tries to raise awareness and influence the education of new generations about the importance of environmental protection. In their project “Eco generation”, they have been creating green clubs in schools, planting trees in schoolyards, organizing competitions with environmental themes, all together with the self-awareness campaign on social networks.

Green clubs in schools participate in environmental competitions launched through online platforms. Students from the clubs carry out various activities depending on the themes of the competitions, promoting a clean and healthy environment for all. Mostly, the winning students of the competitions plant trees in order to make the school yard greener and improve the environment in general, as well as to make photos and videos with self-awareness messages to the public regarding environmentally friendly behaviors.

 Students planting trees in the schoolyard


Considering that Green Art Center Pristina cooperates, through its network in Kosovo, with 500 primary and secondary schools and students of the University of Pristina, the encouragement of young people to promote environmental protection through the development of green clubs and competitions increases the impact of environmental values in society. Through present cooperation with schools it is noted that the interest for participation in “Eco generation” is growing, as well as the demand for trees and seedlings for the schoolyards. Unfortunately, many schools have financial shortages and do not prioritizes this segment. Because of this, GAC is currently organizing two competitions on a national level for best environmental video and the best painting with the environmental subject. For the six schools with the best materials, follows promotion of the work and each school will be given trees or flowers to be planted in their spaces.


Support of the SEENET network

Taking into account the current environmental situation in Kosovo, it is necessary to increase the awareness of new generations in saving the vital environment. Referring to this, it is necessary to install environmental culture and increase the activism of young people in environmental activities in educational institutions. GAC continues to work in this direction through the support of donors, however the support is insufficient given the growing demand of public schools to participate in educational activities. Therefore, with the SEENET subgrant the network has supported their activities and realization of one of the competitions to not only encourage the activism of the youth in the green clubs in this direction, but also to have the opportunity that the beneficiary schools can improve their environment through tree planting (decorative or fruit).

More information you can find on Green Art Center Facebook page.